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It’s not just a binder or a passbook—it’s the face of your company.

In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, the power of your brand is a key point of differentiation. And, if you want to associate quality with your brand, you’re looking in the right place!

Nobody knows the business better than Silvanus. We’ve been making passbooks, binders and similar products since 1929 and have led the industry through numerous rounds of innovation. If it’s been done with a binder, passbook, checkbook cover, tabs or other custom product, chances are, we’ve designed and made it—and done it better than anyone!

The secret is in our employees. We’re confident that we boast the longest-tenured employee base in the industry. It’s not unusual to find Silvanus employees that have been here twenty, thirty—even forty—years or more! That’s because we’ve built a culture around product quality starting with the members of our team. With us, it’s not just a job—it’s a passion.

And it shows in our products. We can make just about any packing or presentation product you can imagine—from color to substrate to decorating method—we can do it all. And we continually take the extra step to ensure everything we make for you is something you’d be proud to present to your customers or prospects. Frankly, the products we reject before we ever send you your shipment are often of higher quality than binders from other manufacturers that ship without a second thought!

And it doesn’t end there. Our pledge to you is to give you nothing than the finest, most responsive customer service possible. We realize dealing with manufacturers can often be, well, cumbersome. But never at Silvanus. Call us today to learn more and see for yourself!